Sunscreen in the News

The incidence of skin cancer is increasing, and sunscreen is an important part of a skin cancer prevention routine.  Lately, there have been many news articles, and social media discussions, regarding the safety and use of sunscreens in the United States.  Given the abundance of articles and ‘spin’ around the recent sunscreen news, many people have been left wondering if sunscreen is safe to use.  Let’s try to address some of the recent news below.

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Brian Thomas
Tanning Beds—Whats the risk?

Have you or someone you know ever used a tanning bed, sun lamp, or other artificial light source to tan your skin? If so, you are one of 35 percent of American adults, 59 percent of college students, or 17 percent of teenagers that have tanned in their lifetime.  While most have seen the advertisements for tanning salons, you have probably also heard by now that dermatologists recommend against the use of tanning beds and other artificial UV light sources. 

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